What is Precision Medicine? A Closer Look at Research and Treatments.

What Exactly Is Precision Medicine?

This form of medicine and health care comes from the idea that certain medical problems can only be fixed with either specific forms of treatment or with specific kinds of medicine. Basically, if you have an illness or disease that requires testing to ensure that you receive the correct treatment can be considered precision medicine.

An Example of Precision Medicine:

Precision Health Care and Specific TreatmentsA great example of precision health care would be when it comes to snake bites. When dealing with snakes and their venom, they all have different kinds of poison that all will vary in the level of potency. If you have been bitten by a venomous serpent then you will need to be immediately rushed to the emergency room. After you arrive, the doctors will ask you a battery of questions to try and figure out what kind of snake it was that you were bitten by. Scientist use small amounts of the reptiles venom to create an antidote. This antidote is the only way to cure your body of the poison running through your veins.

If you don’t know what kind of venom you have been injected with, the emergency physicians that are trying to save your life will have no idea what medicine you need. If that happens, they wont be able to administer the antidote necessary to save your life. In most cases like this they will try to use a generic form of an overall antidote but if it isn’t applied within time or if you were injected with a large amount of venom, there isn’t much that they can do.

Another Helpful Example of Precision Health Care:

A more in depth example of Precision medicine would be when it comes to cancer, basically takes DNA and analysis it to discover the best treatment for those with specific types of cancer. There are so many different types of cancer treatments and therapy options due to the growing number of particular gene abnormalities that form cancer. With using DNA analysis to target the best forms of treatment, individuals with cancer have a better chance of fighting and beating their disease.

Cancer Research and Precision Medicine

Being able to target the specific gene mutations or abnormalities using this technique will help with new forms of these mutations that are found everyday. If one treatment is known to work with certain gene abnormalities then the same therapy could be helpful in a different yet similar case. Recently, scientist discovered five gene mutations and have begun looking into possible treatment options for these.

The case used to be that if you were unfortunate enough to have a rare form of cancer, there wasn’t that much that doctors could do. Making their patients as comfortable as possible was the only real option they could provide. With these new medical discoveries, there is hope now for those who typically would not have had any options for treatment.

Discoveries have been made that now indicate that lung and breast cancer is actually a different form of cancer in every new patient. To be more specific, every individual cancer case will have a different group of diseases and gene mutations that will react differently to the same treatment.

Other forms of precision health care and medicine can come in the form of your heart. The Artisans Approach precision medicine has their own take on precision health care and how it can affect or help your heart health.