Physiotherapist and a Physical Therapist, How to Spot the Difference.

What exactly is the difference between a Physiotherapist and a Physical Therapist?

Chartered Physiotherapists Help the Physical Well Being of Others

You will often notice that the phrase physical therapist and the term physiotherapist will be thrown around like they are the same. They actually couldn’t be more different. A physical therapist is someone who can help with the physical elements of pain and discomfort. One of the most common things that people will see physical therapist for are sports injuries. Since sports injuries are a part of playing those games, there are an abundant reported cases every year. The physical therapist will work with the muscles and the tendons that have been strained or torn. Working on the soft tissue using several different techniques in which they physically apply pressure, rub, or massage the injured area.

What Is the Difference in a Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists Training:

One major difference between the two is that a physical therapist is only required to attend school for around 3 years to receive their degree. In some cases they will only go to school part time. If they take additional courses for a few weekends every year they will receive their degree in the same amount of time it would take as a student attending full time.

A major difference between the two is that a Physiotherapist will target the spinal cord as their main area of focus. Treating any injuries by starting at the base of your skeleton is the idea here.

What Does a Physiotherapist Focus On:

The main goal of a Physiotherapist is to provide an answer to the problem and then find the best way to treat it. Restoration of your health when it comes to your physical state can be the most difficult aspect of any physical illness or injury. Since they work with people who have physical disabilities and physical impairments they are more concerned with healing you instead of quickly fixing the problem. With the ‘quick fix’ approach of physical therapy, often a patient will relapse or show signs of pain and discomfort even years down the line.

The Difference in a Physiotherapist and a Physical Therapist

Many physical therapist will deem their medical title as Physiotherapist for this exact reason. A Physiotherapist will go through more rigorous training to receive their degree. They will go to school for a minimum of four years. Once they have finished all of their schooling they will be required to apply for an internship and work their until they have at least a thousand hours of hands on experience. The easiest way to tell if a physiotherapist has earned their title is to look for a chartered physiotherapist. When they use this as their medical title it means that they are recognized by other health care professionals and also the Department of Health. To better put the difference into perspective the Health and Social Care Profession Board also recognizes Physiotherapists as medical professionals but not physical therapists.

Since the title Physiotherapist is broad by nature, physical therapist legally can call themselves this without being fined, or deemed fraudulent. Physiotherapist Ipswich would be a perfect place to start your search. The government still hasn’t completely figured out how to correct this so until they do making sure to use recommendations from friends or family can prove to be the best option. If you have a family health physician you can ask them for further guidance in this area.