Citi Secured Depository Trust: Providing Quality Authentication Reports

Authentication Reports are necessary in cases when you happen to find yourself in possession of any asset of dubious or debatable worth. Whether you have collectible coins, paper money that has fallen out of circulation, or any other asset with potential value of any kind, Citi Secured Depository Trust can use its expertise to provide an Authentication Report for you to use in conjunction with any Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement.

Citi Secured Depository trust has been in the business of providing Authentication Reports since the company’s founding in 1979. At that point of time, there was a void in the world of financial services. European concerns were constantly requesting Safekeeping Recipets from asset holders in the United States, in order to prove that those assets truly did belong to their supposed owners. This was (and is) a necessary task for anyone practicing basic financial probity. It wasn’t a bad practice, but it was flawed, from the perspective of the US asset owner, because few American firms existed to provide them with the necessary documentation to allay the concerns of their European business partners.

Then came Citi Secured Depoistory. For more than thirty years, Citi has provided Authentication Reports to grateful clients. In that time, they have never lost a client’s assets, for any reason. They pride themselves on their perfectionism. For your Authentication Report needs, you’ll be hard pressed to do better.

In addition to Authentication Reports, Citi Secured Depository provides Safekeeping Receipts, Blocked Asset Letters, Private Asset Loan Services, and more.

Clients can feel confident in Citi’s ability to issue Authentication Reports because the company was founded with trust as one of its central business tenets. Citi’s founder, Mr. Hills, has always said that company’s main asset (and its main product) is trust, and to that end the company strives constantly to win the confidence of its clients, not only with its Authentication Reports, but with all its various financial services.

In addition to issuing Authentication Reports, Citi goes a step further. Clients can verify any Authentication Report obtained through Citi at any time, using Authentication Codes issued with every Authentication Report. This is just one instance of Citi’s exception commitment to customer service. They don’t sell products; they sell relationships.

Since Citi is a service-oriented company, clients in need of Authentication Reports are encouraged to contact the company personally, as doing so will enable Citi to better evaluate the needs of the client, and serve them accordingly. Citi Secured Deposit is based in Newport Beach, California, but can easily be reached on the phone, by mail, or via email.