Hiring Social Media Help? Ask The Right Questions!

Your online marketing mix is incomplete without social media. It is impractical for many companies to have an in-house team for social media management alone, which is the precise reason why businesses are keen on outsourcing. If you are thinking of hiring social media help, we recommend that you ask these questions listed below.

“What will be your approach for our brand?”

There’s no fixed way of doing social media marketing, and the best agencies don’t promote packages. When you work with a company, you need to be aware of their strategies and how they plan to make the most of emerging and popular social media channels. For instance, if you contact Social Media Management Agency, their team will want to know your brand, target audience, and business goals first. Let the agency know your business before they plan a strategy or come up with ideas.

“How often do you post on social media?”

This is an important question, but don’t expect a straight answer. For instance, many brands and agencies follow the practice of at least three posts per day on Facebook, and around seven or more on Twitter. However, it depends on various factors, including the actual goal of social media marketing. If your goal is to generate leads, the approach may be more aggressive.

“Can you manage our online image?”

Online reputation management on social media is critical, because in case of negative comments and feedback, you would want to diffuse the situation and not ignore the users. This is where the experience and expertise of the agency comes into play. Ask them for case studies and check how they have done it for other clients, to get a clear and fair idea.

“Do you offer regular reports?”

Just like you get SEO reports from the SEO team, you can expect monthly reports and meetings with the social media team too. They will discuss strategy, graph the progress of your brand through time using facts and numbers, and will figure out the aspects that need more attention. A competent social media agency doesn’t boast of good work alone, but they are also critical of their job, when need be.

Finally, talk of pricing. You will need to spend on paid ads sooner or later, and therefore, it is wise to discuss what you can afford, and your agency will be able to design something that fits your needs.