Job Seekers: Go Jump In The Lake!

Seriously, if you are job seeker worn down by rejection and epic battles with online application sites, please jump in the lake or do whatever you like to do, at least for a little while. Stressing about finding a job 24/7 is not only bad for you, it is not productive.

When I was job seeking, I often felt compelled to search from morning until night, tracking down every lead and feeling guilty if I stopped. But lately, I’m seeing what long-term stress of unemployment can do to people including:

  • Depression
  • Alcoholism
  • Mental illness
  • Drug addition
  • Marriages/relationships in crisis
  • Divorce
  • Abuse
  • Children in crisis
  • Suicide

Please don’t let these things happen to you and your family. And if they are, please take decisive action to make them stop.

Unemployment is horrible enough, but when we make matters worse by overworking, over-stressing and taking out our frustrations on our loved ones, we can create a crisis far worse than being without a job.

So, please stop to have a little fun … and be sure to share fun times with those you love. Remember that they, too, are under stress about your work situation.

And if you are having a hard time coping, please get help. I know your first inclination is to say you can’t afford it, but there are free and low cost resources available if you dig hard enough. Your well being is too important to just tough it out.

This rotten recession is getting better and one day soon, you will have a job again. So, for now, go jump in the lake and gain a fresh outlook on your job search … it can help you Get a Job!

Share your thoughts about having a bit of fun despite your unemployment! Visit the Services page if I can free you of some of the stress of your job search through career coaching, LinkedIn profile services or a resume revamp.